Video transcription

Hi, Ashleigh Gass, strength conditioning specialist with We are going to speak today about dumbbell exercises for beginners. Now first, what is a dumbbell? Well a dumbbell is a piece of weight training equipment. A short bar with a weight at either end, and the weights range from very light to medium. This is a twenty-five pound dumbbell all the way up to dumbbells that weigh several hundred pounds. They are found in gyms, and people use dumbbells to build muscle. One of the most important things to take into consideration when you are doing a dumbbell exercise routine is to balance out muscle groups that you are training. I am going to show you a few exercises that will get you started. The first one is actually a shoulder raise. I am going to show you from the side first how to do this properly. Begin by bringing your shoulder blades in towards each other, and down towards your butt. That is as opposed to starting like this. So we want shoulder blades in together, and down. And the movement is lifting straight up to shoulder level slightly out to the side, and back down again. And you will want to be holding your shoulder blades in and down the whole time, and back down. Now these dumbbells are light you probably won't need much more than five pounds, which is okay. From the front it looks like this. So again my shoulder blades in and down, and I am lifting up, and slightly out to the side. Back down again. That will keep your shoulders safe as you are doing this lift. There is one. Now the second one is just is actually just a bicep curl. Similar set up. So again shoulder blades in and down. From here hands start at hips, I will curl the dumbbells up towards my shoulders, and lower them back down towards my hips. The whole time I am keeping my shoulder blades in together, and down towards my butt. From the front same thing. Keep your pace slow and controlled, make sure that you can really feel the muscle that is being worked. That exercise in particular trains what is called the bicep muscle group. Thanks, I am Ashleigh Gass, strength conditioning specialist with