Video transcription

When building your home theater, you're going to want to consider insulating the room to make it a little bit more sound proof. That consists of either putting insulation in the walls or insulation on the outside of the walls. Now if your home theater is already built and you don't want to go and rip the walls open to put all this insulation, you may consider getting Blow-In Insulation. And what they do is, they make small holes in the wall and they basically just blow the stuff right into to fill the wall up. Now if you don't have the luxury of opening up the walls and installing insulation into the walls, what you can always do is, cover the walls with sound deadening insulation. It's a foam stuff that kind of looks like the corrugated Egg Creek. Now our theater is partially under construction, so we've exposed some of the walls. So we're using R-19 insulation which is six and a half, six and a quarter inches thick. Now the higher the R value, the higher the number, the thicker the insulation. This lowers sound to, not only, not transfer out of the room but also outside sounds coming into the room.