Video transcription

Hi, I'm Jason with Greenhouse Pest Management, Atlanta's only true natural pest control company. Today we're going to talk about wasps in your attic. Wasps is a very common problem in people's attics. The one reason is they actually use wood to make their nests. But what is a better source of wood than your attic itself. You'll find them on the outside of your house actually chewing up little balls of pulp and they'll come in and make their nest. What you want to look for, for your roof decking right here, it goes down. It doesn't meet your fascia board. You're going to have a gap behind your gutter, what's called a construction gap. That's ninety nine percent of the time where wasps will come in. You need to locate them from the outside of your house where they're coming and going and then you'll have an idea in your attic of where those wasps are. Climb up in your attic, shine around your gable, your socket right here and once you locate the wasp nest, spray it with some wasp killer. You'll also find them up top on your attic, on the pitch of your eave right there. Check those areas and you also want to check your attic vents. Because a lot of times you'll have holes in those vents and those wasps will actually come in and make a nest right there. Once you kill the wasps, simply take something long enough to reach the nest, knock it down, you won't have a problem with wasps anymore.