Video transcription

Hello! My name is Nene Ortega. I'm a dance instructor at The Goddess' Store in Hollywood, Florida. In this clip I'm going to show you how to do the Foxtrot. Foxtrot, one of the softest and smoothest dances in the international ballroom style. Foxtrots remind us of the late 20s, the 40s, the big orchestras and I'm going to show you very easy how to do first the leaders. Okay? We're going to do slow, slow, quick, quick, that's going to be our timing. The leaders we're going to start with the left going forward and slow, slow, then I'm going to do a quick, quick, side, together. Okay, I'm going to do that again, slow, slow, quick, quick. Okay, let me repeat this from another angle. The leader is going to go forward, let's go this way. Slow, slow, side, together so the leader when the leader starts with the left foot that's going to be this side together. Slow, slow, side, together, that will be the basic for the leaders. Followers, followers we're going to go back. I'm going to show you from this angle here and so we have our hand with our partner and we're going to go back with the right foot, right, left, side to the right, together. I'm going to repeat that. Back, back, side, together. Now, it's very important in the Foxtrot that when we go forward whether it's the follower or the leader that we start with the heel. Heel, heel, side, together. I'm going to exaggerate but each time we go forward the heel is very important. Okay? So, it's step, step, side, together and we change the weight. I'm going to complete the box, okay? So, slow, slow, quick, quick, slow, slow, quick, quick. for you, Nene Ortega. Basic Foxtrot in Hollywood, Florida.