Video transcription

Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and next we're going to talk about how to grow anthurium. Now anthuriums are a beautiful plant from tropical South America. So in order to know how to grow it we've got to figure out where it's from and what it's native conditions are. So anthuriums are from tropical South America. So they are used to growing in the forest jungle conditions. So under the canopy of trees where it's very moist, high humidity. And lots of mulch and moisture where their roots are pretty much growing above the ground. So when you're growing them in other locations you need to consider where they're from and try to give them the same type of conditions. So now this anthurium was bought at the garden show and it's called a Hawaiian volcano plant. So what they've done is they've just put the roots of the anthurium into some lava rock. And then you just set it in a bowl with some water and then the rock constantly soaks up the moisture and then the plant grows really well. Now you don't have to have lava rock to grow it. You can put it right in the soil. You can put it right in mulch, right in compost. So make sure it's good earthy conditions and lots of humidity. So even if it's in a pot, if you put it in the pot into a container that's got some gravel and some moisture then it's going to get a lot more humidity and moisture and it's going to do better. Because anthurium grow in the jungle they don't want direct hot sun on them. A lot of times they'll just sun burn. If you live near the coastline a lot of times sun is fine but if you're inland at all even in colder climates they'll just usually fry in the sun. So make sure, give them hot shade if you can. Just a little bit of shade at the side of the house where the sun goes down or keep them as a house plant. They're a great house plant and they're a great addition to your inside or outside garden.