Video transcription

How to stop dogs from jumping up on counter tops. This is one where management is the key. If your dog ever has the opportunity to get something off of the counter, for example you put a loaf of bread close to the edge of the counter, your dog strolls along, grabs a loaf of bread, they've now learned that good things come from the counter top and it's up to them to get them. So it's probably a really good idea to manage the situation. Keep your dog out of the kitchen unless you can supervise. And another thing that you can do is teach your dog to leave it. So if you're in the kitchen and you're at the table and your dog is interested in something on the counter top, having a really good leave it command and a down, stay would be useful so that you can eat in peace and your dog will leave alone whatever is on the counter top that they really desire. Make sure you give lots of reinforcement for doing what you want and avoid them getting reinforcement for doing what you don't want. So when you are not around this is a time to limit your dogs access to the counter especially if there's something good and tasty up there that they can get. A good leave it command would be, you have something tasty like treats on the counter top, you're all the way over here. Make sure she knows they're up there. Do you see these? Leave it, leave it, leave it. Good girl. And then I'm going to treat her for leaving that alone. So I'm sitting at the table and Lady might remember that there's something tasty on the counter and I'm not giving her what she wants so she goes back over there and I say leave it, good girl. And of course I'm not going to feed her from the table because that sends another difficult message. So then I might come to the middle of the room and ask Lady to sit down, stay. And now I have removed her from accessing what she wants on the counter top. But again I'm going to go ahead and give her what she wants when she's doing what I want her to do and that's stay. So the message she gets is good things come from me not from the counter top.