Video transcription

Hello my name is Brent Miller and today we are going to talk about how to replace the flushing mechanism in a common household toilet. Inside the toilet I am sure you have seen it in the back of the bowl which is called the water closet you have a little flap that controls the water exiting the water closet and typically they hold between two and three gallons of water and it rushes out through this hole once this flap is pulled up and then the gravity holding against the water holds it down and keeps a good seal. Well from that is this chain and it reaches up here and it connects to this handle which is it connects right here and this chain connects to it, this handle is in here and when you pull the handle it pulls up, you push down on the handle, it pulls up on this flapper and then you have it done like this. You can buy these flappers and generally these all come in one piece with the overflow tube and it is all one piece and then you would place this down in the bottom of the commode and you unscrew this bolt from the bottom. This would then come out of there and you would replace this valve back and then you would hook the chain to this handle and you replace the other and that should seal up and give you a good tight fit.