Video transcription

Hi I'm Robin with Images of Austin here in Austin, Texas. Visit us on the web at Today we're going to talk about cutting a frame. I am going to use this piece of equipment which is called a chopper, ten inches plus an eighth inch for ease. You want your frame to be able to fit around what it is that you're framing not right at and you can't get it in. That's one cut, bring it a little closer, two and then for the final cut and there you have your eight inch rail. That's your ten inch side. Okay now that you have all four sides of your frame cut we'll go together like this. Now next we're going to want to grout the frame so that these little thumbnails we call them, the little plastic anchors can go in to join the frame after it's glued. Now the next thing you want to do is you want to vice your frame but before that you're going to want to color this edge so that it doesn't show where you joined it. Now we want to line these up in the vice, make sure you have a good match and now we get some glue. Now all you have to do next is take the excess glue off, I like to use this little handy brush and now you have to let each corner set for at least 15 minutes and when you get done you're going to have a frame like this. Now don't forget you need to insert your clips before you're finished. That's a little bit about how to build a frame. Don't forget to have this done right you need to go to your picture framer. If you can't come to me find someone good and be sure and hang the picture straight. Thank you. This is Robin. Bye bye.