Video transcription

OK today I'm going to show you how to repair stamped concrete. A lot of times there will be some delamination or some damage whether it be just a chip or a whole big area. You're going to want to make sure that all the loose stuff is up, that there's no, you maybe want to tap it with some metal and see if there's any hollow sound, getting bad stuff up and then you're going to make yourself up a slurry of that polymer modified concrete and whether you trow it on or use a paintbrush but with that slurry you're going to want to repair that area that's damaged. Let it dry up, you need to sand it or texture it in a little bit to make it look like it belongs there and then you're going to want to stain it the same color that the stain is there. So you're going to want to mix up an acid stain, a poly stain, whatever it is that you're repairing you want to match that color. And then once that color dries up you're going to seal it and call it done. So when you're doing your repair you're going to want to prep that concrete. You want the concrete, any dirt, whatever is on there you just want to clean it up. So whether you're going to pressure wash it, do like a diamond blade grind on it, you want to prep that surface so whatever you're putting on there it bonds to it.