Video transcription

Hi this is Tim Duke with Premiere Detailing located here in Orem, Utah and I've got a few tips for you about how to keep a black car clean. First I recommend getting it waxed at least every 3 to 4 months. The wax is usually good for about 6 months but waxing it every 3 to 4 months will guarantee that you've got a good protection on there for your paint because black paint, the scratches, dirt, everything shows up a lot easier on black paint. So I'd recommend getting that waxed often. I also recommend getting it washed at least either once a week or every other week to remove the dirt and grime that you're going to get on their naturally as you drive. Just because black cars show every little detail shows up on a black car that's how you can tell a good detailer is if a black car doesn't have anything left on it. I would just say get it washed, take it, do what you got to do, don't part it in the sun if you can park in a garage or in the shade that usually helps a lot better so you don't get as much environmental fallout and sap and things from trees because those will show up a lot on black cars as well.