Video transcription

I'm Jeremiah Fox. I'm a carpenter and handyman out here in New York City. How to apply wax to wood. When you're remodeling and repairing, mostly repairing furniture, you're going to hit a point where you want to a little extra protection between it and the environment. Now, if you've an oil based stain or varnish, you can add wax, and wax will come in, give it a nice shine, and protect it from the environment, even better than just your normal polyurethane's, or type things. Really, what you do is you just take the wax, and a rag, make sure that your work place is clean, that everything's been wiped off, any smudges, things like that. Just dip in, get some wax on the thing, and then you're going to rub it in to the wood. Give it some circles to start it out, this is one of those products that you really want to get, go with the grain so that you're getting it in to everything, giving it a nice, bit coverage. Most things like stain and varnish and wax, you want to go with the grain, because that let's it get in to all the pores, and not miss anything. Then once you have your first coat on, you can leave it, let it dry. So, once your first coat is dried to a nice, hazy shade, take a nice, clean cloth, and give light, little buff, just enough to take the haze away, and let all the natural shininess come through. If you need to, you can add another coat of wax, or two coats, or three coats, depending on what your projects needs are. Just follow the same steps.