Video transcription

I'm William Perkinson and I'm going to tell you how to measure replacement windows for your house. The number one thing you are going to need for your window sales person or sales supply house is the rough opening because we are replacing a window and when the house was built the openings were sized according to the windows that were already ordered so we want the rough opening. We want to get an exact measurement on the top of the sill, the top of the opening. Here it is 58 inches. Now you'll want to tell your supplier that there is a sheet rock return and he'll take off, he'll do the math and take off the half inch for there. Then we're going to measure the width, get an exact measurement as well. It's 70 inches. This time he'll probably take off a half inch on both sides. It is o'kay if you are a little smaller where you can always fill in with wood but if you are little larger it becomes very difficult to size a window in brick, that could be a problem. Now if you are replacing your window, sometimes you don't have to replace your window, you can order replacement parts and you'll need to know the manufacturer. The best way to find the manufacturer is to look around the corners of the window. There should be initials, the company name or something etched in the glass. If it's not there you can tilt out the sash and it usually the manufacturer there will be a tag printed on the side of the window. You can get the exact same window that you have replaced. You can get spare parts and save a little money that way or you can just take your sizes to your professional and he will sell you one that will fit your home. I'm William Perkinson and that's how to measure for replacement windows in your home.