Video transcription

I'm William Perkinson. I want to talk to you today about how to hang curtains. We're going to use a simple two mounting brackets, a rod and a tie back. Just to save a little time, I've already mounted the brackets on top of the window, they're here and we stayed pretty close to the opening of the window because we know that they're solid wood for the first 4 inches out, so we know that these are mounted good so they're not coming out on both sides. And we hang it to the right height, we already had our curtain so we knew exactly what height we wanted them at. We didn't want to get them too high 'cos we didn't want the curtains to be too far off the floor and we didn't want them too low 'cos we didn't want the curtains to pile up on the bottom. But after we got them mounted then we're looking at our rod. Now, the curtains have different type of heading on them. This one is just a simple pocket in the curtain where we'll insert the rod, push it all the way through, it should pretty easily pop out the other side. I'll attach my other, the other half of my extension in. Now, this is makin' it look easy and it really is. Now, it's lookin' pretty good. Now, typically with the finials on the ends of the rod, it just stick out about 5 inches passed opening of the window and I believe this one will. Alright, there we are. Now, on this one we haven't going to hit and mounted the tie back and again, it's in solid wood at the edge of the window, we'll pull it back, typically. It's looking pretty dramatic. Warms up a room nicely, warms up a window. So, I'm William Perkinson and that's how to hang a curtain.