Video transcription

Hey, it's Rokosz, "Your Digital Lifestyle Expert" here and we're talking about how to put CDs on to your iPod. Well, that doesn't work real well. But we're talking about two separate procedures. First we're talking about taking your CD and making it part of iTunes and iTunes controls the iPod. You got it. The first thing we're going to do is slip it right in the drive right here. Once the CD's in, you see it pops up "Would you like to import this into iTunes library?" You bet I do. Hit, the yes and the magic begins. You're going to see over here in the status bar, oh, that's a little thing, importing. I got about 11 seconds here, it's going about 7.9 times normal speed. And then, once it goes through this process, it should turn green and then move on right to the next one. Once it's completely loaded in, it becomes part of the normal iTunes or your iTunes library here. And then it's what? Back to normal syncing processes. The way to sync it properly is to go over here to your main view of our iPod, go to music, and you can see we're already copying and uploading a significant amount of songs and we can just change that with "all songs in playlist." Once that's loaded in there and once it's ready to go, all songs in playlist, hit the sync button, and you're ready to go. So remember, put the CD in, load it iTunes, put it in a playlist, do whatever you want, rename it, edit it, find album art, do it and then, whoop, sync it right to the iPod. Two steps, easy, like me Rokosz, "Your Digital Lifestyle Expert." Stream you later.