Video transcription

How to strip paint from cabinets. There is no paint on this cabinet, but I'm going to pretend there is, and go briefly through a very simple process, although it's time consuming. First you have your stripper, which can be bought at the local hardware store. I prefer using an orange-based, orange-smelling, environmentally-friendly, water soluble product. You would apply the product to the area that you want to strip. Just follow the directions is the simplest thing to do. It's usually a better idea to use a glove at all times, these are products. I use a brush and then I smooth it out, and you allow it to sit until it starts to bubble up, and you can tell that it's removing the paint. I use a scraper and literally scrape the paint off, and this I continue to do until all the paint is gone, and then it needs to be washed off with water. You can use steel wool, a scrubby sponge, and get out all the areas that need to be removed.