Video transcription

Chocolate. We love it. Who invented it? The Mayans and the Aztecs were the first to cultivate the cacao tree, and that was in the early 14, 1500s. And they made a drink from this bean, and the drink was shared with Spanish explorers when they came. Columbus drank the chocolate drink. And when Cortez came, he actually took it back to the Spaniards. It was very much an expensive thing only for aristocrats because it was quite unusual to have it, and it was rare. Then in the mid-1600s, there was a chocolate factory, you might call it, that developed in London, and that began the time when it became more available to the masses. And it has been very widely used since then, not only as a drink, but as a food substance. Some people would argue whether it's a food or not, but as it's hard...the hard form of it has been used in a lot of different things. And the latest people to get famous with chocolate have been the Swiss, and they have developed a smooth, affordable, and delicious substance. And it has come to the United States and we have just taken it over.