Video transcription

My name is Tim Cole. I'm the owner of Austin Reptile Service and here to answer the question, what do young snakes eat? Well, first off, you have to identify the snake, what species it is. Different species of snakes have different diets. For instance, a baby water snake is going to eat small fish or small frogs. The same goes for most species of garter snakes or ribbon snakes but your baby king snakes, baby corn snakes, they all usually feed ratherly on baby mice. So, you need to know what kind of snake it is and what to feed it. Some small snakes are blind snakes will feed on ants and termite larva. Earth snakes or index snakes, they're going to feed on earthworms. Some baby snakes can be very small, just 2 or 3 inches so obviously you're going to be limited as to what they feed on. If you find a baby snake outside, probably best is to take it back out, release it 'cos they're going to be difficult to feed. So, this is what baby snakes feed on.