Video transcription

Did you know that there are almost a million viruses out there on the internet. Hi I'm Dan Afonso from Enfold IT and Afonso consulting. And this is how to get free AVG virus scanner. Now AVG is a fantastic little virus scanner. What I like about it is that it doesn't go overboard. A lot of stuff like Norton Internet security or The caspri some of the other consumer products really want to try and protect you from all the threats on the internet. It's fine if you have kids or you don't, you are not comfortable doing this yourself but if you know what you are doing and you just need some basic virus protection this is a good way to go and if you don't have anything it's a lot better then having nothing. So we are going to start off with going to AVG site to their download. Now they have a bunch of different editions. The free one is the most basic. It doesn't really do a whole lot but that's ok, what it does do it does very well. The anti virus pro and the internet security both have some nice features and if you think you need them then go for it. To download it just click on download on this free edition and you are going to see this big download AVG for free, don't click it. Click the one under it so you get it directly from their server and not have to go through download dot com. You are going to click save. Now I've already downloaded this so we are just going to fire it up over here. Let it do it's thing. Just run through the set up, there will be a whole lot of clicking next. The security tool bar, I don't think it's actually necessary, I'm going to check it off, you could leave it on if you want the features. When it's done, it'll be all set here, hit ok. And now we can start it off, see if we want to do anything with it. Set it up. What time do you want to scan, I find with enabling daily scanning if you have the time, if you think you need it. Sure. Go ahead and if you want to provide them, if it finds viruses on websites it's going to report them to AVG. I think that's a good thing to do, I'm going to go ahead and do that, you go ahead. So finally we are just going to update it so it gets the latest virus definitions. Now that it's installed we can go ahead and try it. Since I don't actually want to download a virus to something I don't know if it works or not I 'm going to use the EICAR test virus. You can google that, it's effectively a text file that does nothing but most virus protection programs will grab it. So I'm just going to fire up Internet Explorer and paste the link to it, in here, and fire it up. And see if we can download it. And there you go, it caught the threat, it's installed correctly. I'm Dan Afonso and that was how to get the AVG free anti virus software on your machine. Thanks.