Video transcription

Hi, I'm Todd Amazeen. I've been an internet business consult for fifteen years. I'm going to show you how to create a new email account in Outlook 2007. Microsoft Outlook is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation, a company with which I have no affiliation. With Microsoft Office open, click on tools in the menu bar, and then select account settings from the drop down menu. Click on the email tab across the selection of tabs on top, then click on new, just below. Type in your name as you want it to appear when you send an email, and then type in the email address that was provided to you by your email provider, and then type in the password again. The password will be provided to you by your email provider. If you click on next, Outlook will automatically detect your email server settings. Now in my experience, maybe 20 to 20 percent of the time, depending on the email account that you have. I'm going to click on manually configure server settings, or additional server types. If you want Outlook to automatically detect your settings, simply click on next. OK, so we're going to check mainly configure server settings, and then we're going to check next. We're going to select internet email from the list of email services, and we're going to click on next. Here's where we fill in the server information and the log on information. You'll see the new name and email address that you typed in the previous screen are already there. Typically, you're configuring a pop three account, so make sure that the pop three is selected from the drop down list. In the incoming mail server, type in the name of the mail server as provided to you by your email provider, and then type in the SMTP, or outgoing mail servers information here. Again, this is provided to you by your email provider. We type in our user name, which is typically the full email address, and we type in the password. Leave the remember password box checked if you want Outlook to be able to automatically send and receive email. If you un-check the remember password button, this will give you more security, but each time that you check your mail, you'll have to enter your password. I'm going to leave remember password checked. And then we click on next, and then we click on finish, and then we click on close. You've just learned how to create a new email account in Outlook 2007. I'm Todd Amazeen.