Video transcription

Make your own massage oil. Some people choose to make their own massage oil. They can use a variety of different oils and mix them together or use them individually. Some of what they use are coconut which often they get in the solidified version of the oil and they can use it like a cream almost, but it acts as an oil. Jojoba, apricot seed and almond oil are some of the common ones used. I don't choose to use oil. I find that it's; leaves residue, it leaves the client feeling sticky and oily for the rest of the day. Also, the work that I do tends to be deeper and more specific, and I need something that has more of a control than a glide. I don't want to have so much glide that I can't sink into the tissue and stay low glide. So, what I choose to use is Biotone Advanced Therapy Massage Cream. This is made with grape seed, apricot, and sesame, and it's just a good cream that provides a good amount of glide, but also gives me enough control, and I don't find that I need to reapply it, and it also doesn't leave the client feeling sticky or oily after they leave.