Video transcription

Hi, my name's Joe, and I'm at Breaktime Billiards in Wilmington, North Carolina and today we're going to talk about leveling a pool table. Pool tables come in three piece slate and one piece slate. On a three piece slate they fit together as one, two and three. And what you want to be able to do is you want to be able to level the slate before you put the cloth on. They do this by shimming. You can use playing cards, which is a awful easy way to do it. And you're going to lay your level over the corners of the table and the length. And you're going to put, if if it's low on one end, you're going to put the card on that end to try to bring that part of the slate up. It's a trial and error type method as to how many shims you need or playing cards. But once you've done this then the slate is level. Then they'll go ahead and put the rails on. And the cloth. Once the table is completely put together you will then level from the legs. And again, you'll want to do the corners and the ends and the sides. And you will either screw the legs in or screw them out to make one side higher or lower depending on what the level tells you. And that's pretty much how to level a pool table.