Video transcription

Some easy homemade costumes to make. Well, the simplest homemade costumes that I can think of to make are just simply from your trash bags. And let me tell ya, they come in a wide variety of colors, and you can do a lot with them. Here, Ashton has got his nice Sunday's bests on. He's got just a pair of his tux pants on, and his tux shirt, all of which are great for a vampire look. Just a simple fitted shirt, or men's dress shirt. And just some nice slacks. You could also sash 'em in, or whatnot, and of course some nice vampire 'bling' is always good. But not necessarily necessary for your vampire. And of course some good details for the mouth. Either some good vampire teeth, or at least a little bit of blood coming down to accentuate that vampire. But most of all, just go in there and get those trash bags out. Black is best for a vampire. You can just simply cut it up while it's folded in half, giving it a nice, scary vampire look. On the trash bags that have the built-in drawstring, try not to use those for the tie back..the tie around part of the neck. You want to make sure to use something that is controlled and can't get into a knot. Something great like one of your fun brooches from around the house, or whatnot. And you can just simply attach that on. That way, if anything gets too tight around the neck, it's easy to take off, where those drawstrings on the trash bags can get very tight sometimes. And that's simply giving you a great vampire cape look. You can want to stand up, and...stand up a little bit for me...there you go. So, there's your great little vampire cape look, and you can also do this...easy to do with angels out of white bags a little bit of marabou around the head. You can also make easy super-heroes by simply adding of those, you know, ice packed masks, and a great trash bag cape. Maybe with some of the S, or whatever your super-hero symbol may be. All very simple, easy, homemade costumes to make.