Video transcription

Now we're going to place the wheels on to the car. If your car is a little wet from the paint, you can go ahead and go to this step because it'll give you more time for the car to dry if you want to work on the borders and making some decorations. So you can go straight to this step if you like, which is what we're going to do. And the first thing we need to do is take our wooden sticks and we're going to put them through the corrugated area on the box. Now you can see the reason why we wanted to use our corrugated box because it gives us that space to put our, put our stick through. So once the stick is through we get it set to, on one side. And we're going to need to cut it obviously. Before we do that we're going to put the wheel through which we already have our holes made in to the wheels from the previous step. And we're going to put them on to the side and the wheel is going fastened by our bead which again, make sure before the get the bead, it has to be big enough to fit on to the wooden stick that you're going to be using. And we'll do the same thing on the other side. We'll put our wheel on. And we'll slide a bead on to the end. Now we have the front two wheels on to the car. The easiest thing to do is take a very strong sharp scissors and give a nice clean cut in to the, in to the stick so it doesn't leave any jagged edges. It'll give a nice straight cut. To make the beads stay on the end of the wheels, we're going to put some glue and that will give the, a bit of the security that we want so the wheels don't come falling off. The glue should be placed in between the bead and wheel. You can just put a drop on to the stick and then press the wheel and the bead together. Now let's go ahead and put the back wheels on to the car. Nice about this project is there's a lot of variations that you can use depending on the size of the boxes and the shape that you want. You can, with a little bit of variation and creativity, you can even make in to more of like a train type of project. And you can just, maybe if you're a school teacher, you can have each child make their own car of a train and then attach them all together and place them some way with their own decorative touch to it, put their name on it. There's a lot of variations with a little creativity. But this is the basis of the project of putting the boxes and the wheels together and painting and outlining. So this is how we put the wheels on to the car.