Video transcription

Hi my name is Charles Chally and I'm here to tell you how to play Klondike Solitaire. This is the most common type of solitaire and anybody who's played solitaire on their Microsoft computer has probably known this one. Anyway you start off with a regular deck of cards which usually you shuffle. Place one card face up and then six cards face down. Face up and then the rest face down. So face down. So once you've done that you have a couple of different options, the most common way that people play is to take three cards at a time and flip them over. Now the point is to get all the cards up at the top, but in order to get them at the top you need to have an ace. Other then that the only other rule is that you can stack cards if it is the opposite suite. Or the opposite color. So for example, black jack, on red queen. Then you can flip up the card underneath. I've got a choice here between two tens. I like to take the pile that has the fewest number of cards because it gives me some more flexibility later on. But that again is a personal choice. You just keep flipping. Usually you are allowed to go through this deck as many times as you want to. However, originally when this game was played for money, people would have only three chances to go through the deck. The idea was that you paid fifty two dollars for the deck and for every card you got up you got five dollars back. People usually didn't get their money back. This is going to be a short game. Anyway win or lose that's how you play solitaire.