Video transcription

Have you ever asked yourself the question: Why are my toenails so thick and they have discoloration on them? Hi, I'm Jackie O, beauty expert, and today, we will discuss how to treat thick, discolored toenails. You can consider using for discoloration, depending on the level of discoloration, it could be discolored through any type of fungus. And if that's the situation, you want to seek a physician. Or over-the-counter products to cure your discoloration. If it is something that you can do and maintain at home for discoloration and it doesn't have to seek a physician, you can use something like a nail bleach, a nail paste bleach. You apply it on the toenails, and you use a little, small scrub brush like this and you just scrub it. This will help keep down the discoloration if it...if that's the case. You want to make sure that you use a toenail clipper and a file -- a really nice, coarse file -- with a really hard grid on it to make sure that you can take down those layers of thickness on your natural nail if it's not affected by any type of discoloration due to fungus. You can take care of these toenails by maintaining good health, good nutrition, and a good diet. Good foot care is also a plus. You may want to consider a pedicure. Once again, I'm Jackie O, beauty expert, and today, we've discussed how to cure thick, discolored toenails.