Video transcription

People are always asked the question pertaining to peeling nails: Why are my nails peeling? Hi, I'm Jackie O, beauty expert, and today, we will discuss how you can prevent nails from peeling. You want to look at your natural nails and make sure that you're maintaining the natural nail health care. Your nutrition and diet all plays a part into the way you care for your natural nails. You also want to consider any type of vitamins, any type of infections, any type of disorders on your nails that is causing your nails to peel. You also want to consider over-the-counter treatments for your natural nails that will help them prevent from peeling. You want to pay attention to your protein in your diet as well. Gloves also will help in helping your nails to cut down on the peeling. You want to make sure that you use a natural nail file on your nails, and apply it to the cuticle area. If you have any peeling started at that area, you can also use this on the free edge as well. You can use a light buffer, not too rough, to take down the layers of the peeling, and you want to apply a base coat and a top coat to build up the strength in those nails to help prevent that peeling from reoccurring.