Video transcription

Hi I'm Jarrett from Stone Soup Farm and this is how to grow sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes are an interesting plant. They usually come in slips they call them not seeds, which are actually part of a plant. Basically they give you sort of a small plant like that maybe and you would plant that right in the ground probably about two inches deep, one foot spacing within a row and water them in very thoroughly and those are actually grown from the actual sweet potato somewhere else under pretty controlled conditions so most people don't do them themselves. Once you have that sweet potato slip and you've got it planted you can keep it very well watered throughout the season and keep it as weed free as possible. Sweet potatoes though are actually pretty drought resistant so if you don't remember to water them don't worry about it too much. Sweet potatoes are hot loving plants. They will die in any frost so you have to plant them after all danger of any frost has occurred and usually they are let grown until a frost comes and kills them, that is they will continue to thrive and sweet potatoes themselves will continue to enlarge underground until the frost comes. Once they have grown like this they become pretty much a mat on the ground, they are like an ivy, they are ground cover and they get very tangled and when you want to harvest them towards the end of the season you can dig them up and sort of tear the plants away. Once you find where they are located in the ground take a shovel or a pitch fork or something and you can loosen the soil around them, trying not to cut them, check for any missed ones and there is your sweet potatoes under there. Again these aren't that big because they should be left to grow as long as they can for most of the Summer just about until it frosts and that will conclude their season. I'm Jarrett from Stone Soup Farm and that's how to grow sweet potatoes.