Video transcription

Hi I'm Jarrett from Stone Soup Farm and I'm going to tell you how to harvest and store spinach. Spinach is a cold loving plant and it should be able to grow year round but it is going to be best to grown in the Spring or in the Fall. Here we are growing it at a greenhouse and we are growing it in these rows. Spinach can be harvested as baby spinach or as sort of big leaf cooking spinach. The baby spinach is better for salads but is a little bit harder to grow. If you want to grow baby spinach you get it when the plants are small and they are very close together so the leaves tend to sort of bump up against each other and coil up and it makes it easier to harvest and you can just sort of go down these rows and harvest the spinach like that, take a good sharp kitchen knife and you want to sort of cut it so that they don't really have too much stem left on them and there is your baby spinach. If you wanted to have big cooking spinach you can let these plants grow a lot longer and most spinach varieties will have leaves that will grow really pretty big, almost dinner plate size some of them and that can be a lot of spinach and you can harvest it in the same way with a knife and sort of below the stem but that is of course much harder to eat in a salad but easier to come up with a lot to cook with. Once you have the spinach it should store relatively well in the frig in a plastic bag for a week or so. If you want it longer than that then it is probably better to wilt the spinach and condense it and then freeze it, would be a good way to preserve it for months when you can't grow it. The spinach plant itself will also regrow quite well so if you are good to it and you keep it weed free after harvesting you can come back several time before the spinach plant sort of gives up on life and every time you can get a good solid harvest of spinach. The risk there would be letting the weeds grow in so you have to be on top of the weeds in order to not be harvesting them instead. So I'm Jarrett from Stone Soup Farm and that's how to harvest and store spinach.