Video transcription

How do you get rid of fleas? Well, fleas are kind of like the house guest that just won't leave. You can ask them and ask them and ask them all you want, and they're just not going to leave. They found a place where they've got a supply of everything they could ever want, so you got to go to drastic measures. Again there are lots of commercial products that are available - to get rid of your fleas such as topical ointments, flea powders, flea bombs and aerosol flea killers. There are also some homemade flea applications that you can do, and we'll talk about those at a later time. But that's pretty much what it's going to take, you got to kill them. They're not going to leave on their own and you can't wait them out because they'll make your life unbearable, just unbearable. So you've really got to go to the extreme and you can't just go a little way, you've got to go all out and kill those guys deader than a doornail. I highly recommend the topical ointments that work very, very well. They're easy to use, and they're very, very effective. The front line in particular is an extremely, extremely good product, barring that, the aerosols for your carpet and your furniture, are extremely good. Make sure you vacuum before you use the aerosol, I know it sounds a little weird, but you want to vacuum your carpet, 'cause that will suck up any extra fleas, it will help bring the fleas that are in their pupa out of the pupa and then you can actually kill them with the insecticide, so those are pretty much your options and you just got to go all out and you got to put a death sentence down on them.