Video transcription

My name is Gloria Campbell. I'm President and CEO of Advances Training Systems located in St. Petersburg, Florida. Telephone interviews can be tricky, but I'm going to give you some ideas on questions that you're going to get and possible answers. Telephone interviews are just like face to face interviews, except you don't have some of those visuals cues that you get when you're sitting in front of that person. The first thing I tell you is get some energy going. Make sure that that energy level is maintain throughout the interview. Be prepared. The questions that you're going to get are going to be very similar to what you're going to get in a face to face interview. Things like, tell me what you know about the job. Make sure you've done some research. Make sure you know something about the job that you're applying for. There might also be some questions about when could you come in for a next interview. Make sure you got your appointment calendar there and you know when you're available. Be prepared to answer questions about yourself, about you duties and responsibilities at your last job. Write them down, have them right there for you. The advantage of interviewing over the phone is, you could be wearing your pajamas, you could have your hair in curlers, it doesn't matter. What's going to come across is your enthusiasm and your ability to answer the questions and to answer them so simply. Also, because you don't have the opportunity for the visual cues, make sure that you ask the interviewer, "is that the answer you're looking for"? "Is there something else that you need for me to expound on on that question"? Make sure that you're communicating clearly and you get to the next level. Gloria Campbell with Advances Training Systems in St. Petersburg, Florida, giving you the edge on telephone interviews.