Video transcription

I'm Gloria Campbell with Advantage Training Systems in St. Petersburg Florida, You're always going to get that question"what are your weaknesses" in an interview. There are some things that you want to say and some things you don't want to say and I'm going to give you a couple of examples. When that question comes up the first thing I'm going to tell you to do is be prepared. Having written out and having something to say. Never say I have no weaknesses. First of all the employer knows that you're not telling the truth because we all have weaknesses. What they're looking for is that you know what they are but more importantly you have designed a mechanism to help you. Some of the weaknesses and things that I've heard that I felt were really pretty good," I'm a poor manager of my time". The answer might be" so I have put into place systems that keep me on task ". "I"m the kind of person that doesn't work well with a team" What I know is team power can provide more opportunities than working independently. So I have devised ways and things that I do to make sure that as part of the team I'm contributing and I see the value. We all have weaknesses. You should have come up with ways to work around. Be honest with the employer they're expecting your going to say something and make sure you have a good answer. This is Gloria Campbell with Advantage Training Systems in St. Petersburg Florida. Weaknesses are not bad. What the employer is looking for is how have you designs ways to work around them and are they effective. Have a great interview and have some great answers to that question.