Video transcription

Hi my name is Dave Andrews and today I am going to show you how to delete everything on a had drive. We're going to do this by using Windows built in format option so let's click on the start button and we are going to go to computer and on the Windows XP it would be my computer. Let's find the drive that we want to clear off. We want to clear off drive F and if I open it up you can see that I have got a lot of data on here and I am going to format it to clear all that data. Let's go back and simply right click on it and select format. Now it is going to ask you what type of file system you want to put on this drive and you can use NTFS which is the one that Windows XP and later uses but because this is only a 30 megabyte device and I want to use it in nonwindows computers like Macintosh I am going to leave it as that and let's select quick format and what that does is that is going to forgo checking the entire disc for errors and that will make it format a lot faster. You can also give it a label and just call it reformatted and just click o'kay. It is going to warn you that you are going to erase all the data on the disc so just click o'kay and it is going about the process now of formatting the drive. If we open it back up after the format is complete you can see all the data is gone. My name is Dave Andrews and I just showed you how to erase all the data on a drive.