Video transcription

Hi, I'm Ann Myrick and today I'm going to show you how to arrange bedroom furniture. This is the master bedroom, and it is a pretty good sized room, and usually what is needed in a bedroom is the bed, at least one side table and a chest or an armoire that holds your clothes. Then depending on what else you want to take place in there; if you want a sitting area, two chair and a table, if you really just want it very clean. I tend to like rooms that don't have a lot of furniture in them and that are very clean and spacious. One thing in picking out your bedroom furniture is they're getting away from sets and they're using like one great bed and then the tables won't match, and they'll be; they'll go well together, but they won't match, and it will be more, more of an eclectic mix. One thing you can do is if you really like a room that is kind of sparse and doesn't have a lot of furniture in it, you could, if you have a large closet, you could set up your closet where all your drawer clothes and all your clothes are in your closet and then you don't need a chest. So, really all you can have in your room is a bed, and you can have a nice chair over to the side with a table if you want to read in the chair and a little vanity, another little desk. You can just really play with this and make it work for you. You can make a sitting area. You can have a side table and the other side is just the chairs. So, usually you want side tables so you can read in bed. You'll want a nice size lamp where the light will come down and it will be good reading. You also, a lot of times want a comfortable chair, and you want to have--I like my bed centered with the light. That's one thing I really like is to center by bed with the light. So, put the bed in first and then just start adding other pieces of furniture and working with them to see what type of balance you like. This is Ann Myrick, and that is to--how to arrange your bedroom furniture.