Video transcription

Hey, this is Ann Myrick and I'm going to tell you how to organize your cupboards and your drawers today in your kitchen. One thing to think about is where you're using that item, the best place is to put those items near the place you're using. Example is with your dishwasher since the dishwasher is here, then instead of having to go all the way across the kitchen to put your glasses and your plates up, the things that you use all the time, it's better to the items that you use on a daily basis, you put those near the dishwasher, so I would have plates, cups, glasses, very near to where the dishwasher is. Another thing that you want to think about is with your coffee pot, if your coffee pot is here, you might want to put your cups and your saucers near the coffee pot again where you're not going to cross the kitchen, but you can grab your coffee pot, have your coffee right in front of you, and it's much quicker and then you're not having to walk back and forth. Organizing your drawers, again where you want to put your towels, think about the best place for your towels, where it makes sense to put your silverware, and just put it closer to if you're cooking, you're going to want your cooking utensils near you, so just think about how your kitchen is set up, and then put those items near you so when you need them quickly you can get them. Also what I do is in baking I have a whole cabinet that has all my baking items, so when I bake I can open up the doors and know that all my baking items are right there. This is Ann Myrick, and that is how to organize kitchen cabinets and drawers.