Video transcription

Hello welcome my name is Julio Nutt and I am a master instructor of the Jim McLean Golf School in Miami, Florida. In this clip we are going to talk about how to draw the golf ball. A draw in the golf ball would be similar to hitting the forehand in tennis. The forehand is a powerful shot when we attack the ball inside out and we put this kind of spin on the ball and a cut shot is when we come the other way around and it is a really soft shot. Usually a draw shot is going to be harder when it bounces and it is going to roll more so if we see these two bars it is a railroad and what is going to happen is if I close my body line in relation to my target line with this being the target line where the ball is going to go and if I close my body and then if I swing in relation to this line. If I swing in relation to my body line what is going to happen if I'm going to hit a little bit from the inside of the golf ball and that is going to put the spin correctly for the ball to draw. I am going to hit a quick demonstration here. Here I am standing in front of the golf ball, here I am closing my body a little bit in relation to the club face and now I swing a little from the inside out and that ball is going to produce a little nice drop. This s Julio Nutt at the Jim McLean Golf School.