Video transcription

Hi, my name is Dave Andrews. Today I'm going to show you, how to create a table of contents using Microsoft Word. Lets open up Word, by clicking at the start button at the bottom, go into, all programs, Microsoft Office, and let's select, Word 2007. The table of contents is generated off of your heading fields, so lets create some headings. I like to text, and just give it the style of heading 1, I'm going to create another, and again, give it the style of heading 1. Lets kind of separate these by a couple of pages, and now we're going to insert our table of contents. Place your cursor where you want your table of your contents to appear, in this case at the beginning of the document. Let's go to the references tab at the top. And we're going to select table of contents, click on table of contents, and we're just going to go with automatic table 1. As you can see, our table of contents has been added, with the text from our headers, as well as the page numbers that they fall on. My name is Dave Andrews, and I've just showed you how to create a table of contents in Microsoft Word.