Video transcription

Hi this is Tom Kenaston. I'm a singer song writer, pianist, music director, actor living in West Palm Beach and also New York City. This clip is going to be about how to have a better singing voice. That's a big subject. But we're going to boil it down to a couple of points. The first thing that you want to do is free your voice. A lot of us when we're singing by our selves in front of people. For instance if you're going to an audition or your on American Idol you lock up and you freak out, and your voice starts to do this and you sound like crap. But it's important to free your, free your voice up. Another example would be the old cliche of how every one thinks they sound great in the shower, singing in the shower. Well the truth is there's a little bit of truth to that because in the shower you're by yourself, you don't think anybody's listening to you and your whole body relaxes, your shoulders relax which also means your vocal cords relax and you open up, and you just sing more freely. That's one of the first keys. Another good way to go about that personally for me is I started singing in choirs at a very young age at school. Similar kind of thing. When you're singing in a choir you're not exposed, you're able to hear other people. You want to be part of the group. It helps also to free up your voice. Then if you really want to start singing in front of people and singing solos, and that kind of thing you want to take some of those key elements, pretend you're by yourself, stay relaxed, keep your shoulders down, keep your vocal cords relaxed and your jaw, and let it fly, let it sail. And if you really want to go pro start getting some singing lessons. This is Tom Kenaston. This has been how to have a better singing voice.