Video transcription

Hi, my name's Joe, and I'm at Breaktime Billiards in Wilmington, North Carolina. Today I'm going to show you how to rack the ball for two popular games. One is eight ball and one is nine ball. In eight ball, you use all fifteen balls. You put the one ball in front, and then you alternate the stripes and the solids as they go down the sides and across the back. You put the eight ball in the center. After you've done that, you remove the rack. And you now have a rack to play the game of eight ball. Now if we were playing nine ball, you do not need all fifteen balls, we only need the nine. So you take your nine balls, and the only requirement in nine ball is that the one ball be in front and that the nine ball be in the center. Now in some tournaments, they require the two ball to be racked in the back. But as long as you've the one in front and the nine in the middle in a diamond shape, then you will have racked them properly. Now you place your fists in each of the slots that are on the side of the rack. Use your forefingers to press against these, the two back balls, and then your thumb to press against the very back ball. And that's how you can get the rack to be tight. And that's how you rack for nine ball.