Video transcription

Hi. I'm Athena Reich, and I'm an actress, singer/songwriter, and performing arts coach here in New York City. In this clip, I'm going to talk about how to play an acoustic guitar. First of all, if you're right-handed, you're going to have a regular guitar. And it's going to sit with the neck shooting out to your left side. Your left hand is going to come under, and you're going to play the chords over here with your left hand by pressing very hard on the string. These are chords or single notes that you're playing over here on the left. And your right hand does the strumming or the picking. You know, that's basically it. When your left hand is doing the chords. And you can find chords on the internet, how to play chords, really easily. Or you can buy a chord encyclopedia. But here, I'm going down-down-up, up-down-up. This is a basic strumming pattern. Down-down-up, up-down-up, down-down-up, up-down-up. Or you can do a basic picking pattern. You can do whatever you want. You know, you can make up your own kind of picking or strumming idiosyncrasies, whatever you want to do. This has been Athena Reich on how to play acoustic guitar.