Video transcription

Hi I'm Jay French, and, and I'm going to show you how to draw a medieval rose. Okay the medieval rose is very unlike what we think of as the spiraling pedaled roses, it's actually a different breed, but it was very iconic in medieval heraldry. There is actually a flower called the medieval rose, and it is a breed of rose which has five pedals. But the way it's shown iconically, you want to get a circle here just as a guide as the outer edge, but the inner part is actually done with circles, this part is yellow. And then you have five pedals, round of them, flat edge, but still rounded,(a little, lost control there) and then you want a little divid in here, try to ignore that original circle, that was just your guide. And generally, and this is not always the case, but generally, this is the red, and this area is pink, although sometimes it's green or yellow, or any number of other colors; a few spikes was common, especially unlike the Elizabeth the 1st, heraldic device. And then we have just small leaves that stick out here, because the real medieval rose does have very small leaves. Now, that's your classic medieval rose, but if you want a Tudor rose, you want another layer of rounded pedals on the outside, these are usually done in white, and are seen in several examples of stained glass, and they usually have a little wave, and they actually do connect, I just didn't, of two humps within them. And then you will have a larger leaf, and you can have this as well, or instead. And the Tudor rose are often very thick black lines between all the elements. And this will be a sort of curved leaf, it has pre-lumps, such as this, and it will be at every edge. And like I say, you can do this instead of, or as well as, the small pointed leaf. And that's how you draw your general medieval rose.