Video transcription

Hi, my name is Rachel Youens. I'm a freelance fashion writer and the owner of Austin Style street fashion site and today we're going to talk about how to wear a summer staple, and it's the sari or sarong. First dress we're going to make is sort of an evening wear dress you can kind of put over a swimsuit. And your just going to take the sarong, wrap it around your body, take it up around your neck and twist it one time. So, just like that - see it again. Twist it, take both of the ends, bring them up around your neck and tie them. You have a nice kind of front slit dress. Not something you might want to wear without a little something underneath it because it is a little split up the front. Second dress we're going to wear is kind of a asymmetrical, one shoulder look. We're going to take the sarong again, wrap it around our body, take it behind our back, and leave a little bit of a tail. And take the other side, bring it up over your shoulder. And this is when you might need a friends help with, unless your very flexible or sort of a contortionist. But your going to bring the two ends together, in the back , to make a one shouldered dress. And the next looks we're going to make are jackets. Kind of nice little beach cover ups. First one we're going to do is we're going to take our sarong and lay it out, and tie the two corners together. There's one...and here is two. Now, you're going to treat each of these two ends sort of like sleeves and just put your arms right through them and you've got kind of a nice loose beach jacket. The next one we're going to do, also a jacket, kind of follows along the same lines. And this is for a more short sleeved jacket. Last one was kind of a more long sleeved one. For this one you're going to take the sarong around your body, sort of like the first dresses we made, tie the end up here and just as though it were a halter top, you're going to put your neck right through there to make a short sleeved jacket. And this has been how to wear a sarong.