Video transcription

Hi, I'm Jay French at and I'm going to teach you how to draw a human neck. OKay, to draw a neck we first want to know, of course, where our head is. Let's get the head of this wrestler in here. OKay. There's your shoulder line and the trapezoid muscles. Now, even on a woman these are, this is is still going to be sloped. Although in a woman they are straighter, not as sloped, and in a muscular man they'll be even more dramatic and maybe even slightly curved like this. A neck generally, is narrower than the jaw line. That depends on the kind of person or the direct person you're drawing. Of course, you're looking at someone you'll know what that width is. But, if you just want a feel. If you want your Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, you want it to be a little narrower, start out a little narrower than the jaw line. It's a little wider as it goes, but it is a slight S curve, such as this. You want these lines to go beyond the lines of your trapezoid. You'll have some shadow on the side that is opposite our light source, of course. Generally there are two tendons that come down the neck, widen as they go, come from the outside towards the end. Of course, you don't want to define them completely as I'm showing here, this is just to show where they are, or the person would look really old, unless you're drawing someone who's really old. Of course, in a man you want to have more defined, Adam's apple, again going with your light source. Shading opposite that, so you'll shade this tendon more and this one less until it reaches the divot of the clavicle. Now if you want more of a wrestler's neck go a little wider, have it go actually from the jawline, like that. And, of course, for a woman you'll probably have it even narrower. But it always gets wider as it goes down towards the shoulders. And that's your basic tutorial on how to draw one of the hardest parts of the human body, the human neck.