Video transcription

Coach Rudy here, just studying a little bit. I've won a couple of championships, both as a coach and a player. And, you know, a lot of this stuff is based on personnel, specifically the one-three-one, or the thirteen zone defense, is designed to do a couple things. One is to stop the outside shot, the other is to create chaos for guards that don't dribble that well, alright. This is a trapping defense. Let me show you the action. Here's the guard at the top, here's our three defender's, and here's the underneath guy. Now, you have to have athletes in order to really run this defense. It's really, really important. Alright, here's what I mean by that. Ball comes down, goes here, alright, this is a trap situation between those two players. Same thing, ball goes here, trap, trap here between these two guys, alright. Some reason ball gets to the corner, this guy's got to fly to get there, and this guy's got to cut off the base line and any penetration there. This guy's flying here, alright, and this guy's got the back side, OK. Now, the vulnerable part of this is if, for some how, they skip the pass all the way over to here, then these guys have to fly to get there. This guy's base line to base line on both sides, free throw, foul line extended. He's got to get there, alright, so, if the ball's here, this guy's flying, this guy's flying, this guy's here, this guy's here, this guy's here. Quick ball reversal will really hurt this defense. So everyone's got to be aware, locked in to their situation, knowing and anticipating, first of all, that the interior is very weak here. You've only got one guy here at the free throw line, and one guy underneath. This defense is designed to stop the outside shot. From corner to corner, right, foul line extended out, I'm sorry, foul lane extended this way, and free throw line extended this way, these guys have to be flying, alright. So, again, ball goes to the corner, this guy's flying here, this guy's flying here. Ball reverses, this guy's flying here, this guy's flying here, he's dropping here, he's dropping here. Anything on the top, these two players have to be able to shut it down. Alright, so anything from here to here has to be shut down, and this guy's got to be so big in here, we can't allow anything in here, alright. These two guys have to shut all of this down, and this guy's got to shut this down, this guy's got to shut this down. So the weak spots are here and here. Got to be aware of that when you're playing a one-three-one. If you're playing against a team that can shoot it well from outside, one-three-one is what you want to run.