Video transcription

My name's James, a Computer Hardware Training Coordinator for InterConnection, and I'm going to show you how to use an external mouse on your laptop. You can use an external mouse on your laptop. This makes it a lot easier to surf the web because you don't have to use the little touch pad. Now there are two to form factors. One is USB, the other is PS2. Most of you folks out there probably want to use these USB mice. They're very cheap. You can pick them up for five or six dollars; I'd recommend getting one. All you do to install it, is you take this USB connector. You plug it on inside. It only plugs in one way and you can plug in anytime if you're computer's on or off and unplug it anytime. Then just go away and start clicking. Now if you are using an older connection, such as a PS2, on your laptop, you want to make sure your computer is turned off before you plug it in and what that does is it allows the computer to recognize it because they're not hot swappable like the USB are so you can't plug them in and unplug them any old time you want. My name's James and I just showed you how to use an external mouse on your laptop.