Video transcription

My name's James, computer hardware training coordinator for InterConnection and I'm going to show you how to install a DVD player into your computer. The first step? Buy a DVD player you like. Second step is install it. Now I'm going to show you how to do that. Now the first step is install the screws on the side of the player. Dependant on your machine you may have different screws or different slots. Some machines have rails that go right here. Others have these round type of screws that go on here that slide in the machine. Other ones you just slide in and put screws through the side of the case into this to hold it into place. In our case we're using these little slide screws. These came with our computer so we're not going to be utilizing the ones that came out of the package. Like I said you just have to look at how all your other drives are installed and go off that. So we'll install the screws. Now one thing to keep in mind is this metal is very thin. So you don't need to torque these very hard. Just install them like so. A little twist and that's really all it takes. Now once you have all your screws installed we're going to take this drive, insert it in here like this, it's going to lock into place and now the hardware aspect of this is complete. Next we're going to install the IBE cable being very cautious not to bend any of the little pins that go in here. These IBE cables tend to go in only one way which is the reason you have this key up top. So we're going to go ahead and install that now pushing it snugly in. Now we're going to take our power cable, install in here. It only installs one way. And now our DVD drive is installed. At this point all we have left to do is turn our system on, load windows or whatever operating system you're running. And one key factor is you're going to have to make sure you have DVD playing software to play that DVD. This drive can play the DVD. However it doesn't mean your operating system can interpret what is playing. Now there are some free codex out there. There is one called K-lite. You can Google it and it's free. Although if you buy your DVD player a lot of them do also come with software with the DVD player. This is one thing though you do want to keep in mind. One final thing to keep in mind is you do have jumper settings on these DVD drives. Master, cable select or slave. Just follow the manual that comes with your DVD player to install it. If it's plugged into the top drive it's going to be master. If it's plugged into the next one on the IBE cable it's going to be slave and cable select basically tells the drive to try to figure it out for itself. You're just going to want to make sure you have those properly configured for however you have it installed. My names James, computer hardware training coordinator and I just showed you how to install your DVD drive.