Video transcription

Hi, I'm Jason, Mac genius, and we're going to talk about how to connect a computer to another computer. This is going to be the cable for any sort of networking kind of activity you're going to need. It is an ethernet cable, the end connectors are called RJ forty-five, that's a technical term, you're allowed to use that after you watch this video. And so you're going to connect these, all Macs come with these built in, you just plug them right into the ethernet port, looks just like a phone jack, it's a little bit wider. All right, so I'm going to connect the ethernet cable to the ethernet jack on the Mac, and I'm going to do the same on the other laptop that we're using. So we've just connected this up with an ethernet cable and my computer is actually off right now so I'm going to open it up. And I'm going to go on here and I'm going to create a network and we're going to call this tester, okay. And so now on my computer I'm going to be able to take - to go under my airport and select tester and hook up to that network. And it's really as easy as that, and that's - again that's a hard wire connection, so again that's a hard wire connection so connecting those two computers with ethernet cable and creating a new network is really all there is to it. What you will want to do if you want to share any files is, you're going to want to go in again, we're going to take this into Comview, and make sure that your shared folder or any folder that you designated as a shared folder, we're going to command I on that folder which is...and we're going to make sure that the others have permissions for read and write so that basically makes that a shared folder. And you can make any shared folder a shared folder, we'll click on this one, command I...details, others, oops, read and write. So now that is now a shared folder as well. And on PCs if you have a tower PC you can go out and buy a NIC card which is network interactivity card I believe, and you can plug that right into your computer and that allows you to have an internet port for this plug. And that's pretty much how you prepare your computers for networking other than that you plug them in and make sure that on your system your files are set to sharing, your file sharing is on, and that's it, you're ready to network.