Video transcription

Hi I'm Jason former Mac genius and we are going to discuss dragging and dropping today in our Macintosh system. We're using Tiger and what we're going to do here is I'm going to go ahead and open up this hard drive. And you can see up here we've got some different views for our window that we have open. And if you click these buttons respectively they're going to give you different views. If there's anything you want to copy out of here using drag and drop what you're going to do is, there's a number of ways to do this. You can right click on the mouse or control click on the mouse and that's going to bring up a contextual menu and you can say copy colors and then you can click on the desk top, right click brining up your contextual menu and paste the item and you'll see the items right here. I'm going to contextual menu click and move that to trash because we made a copy of it. While you're dragging, I'm going to start to drag this folder and as I'm dragging I'm going to hold down my option key and as the cursor moves outside the window you're going to see a little plus symbol there. That means that you're making a copy of the file and not moving the file. And so I'm going to just let go and again there's our file that we copied. I moved that to the trash. And also if you're a menu user, most Macintosh users after time use the keyboard shortcuts which are command C, command being the apple symbol on the keyboard and that is the same as copy colors. You see the little symbol here command C. We're going to copy colors. And we're going to click on the desk top. And then we're going to edit, paste item. Again there's our color folder. So there's three different ways to do that. So I'm Jason ex Mac genius and that is how you copy while you drag. See you next time.