Video transcription

Balding hair is no fun. Losing your hair or getting thin on top is something that you should be concerned about, and finding the right haircut is vital. My name is Sylvia Russell and I'm going to show you how to get a men's haircut for balding men. Now if you're balding on top and in the middle. Be sure to find a haircut that will suit you if you're not quite ready to go to a full bald head. First start by maybe cutting it close on the sides. So that it's not longer on the sides and shorter on the top. Find a barber who can help you find a specific haircut for your head. Keeping it really low on the sides will help to kind of camouflage the thinning on top. You can also use clippers and trimmers to achieve this look. Trimmers are something that will help you get really close. Using your trimmers, and use a comb as well, taking off the hair and getting as close as you possibly can. Making sure that it is even with the top of the head. Now you can even go closer if you choose to. Just remember that this is something that you want to think long and hard about. If you're not ready to go bald, and you enjoy having hair, find a style that is right for you. If you talk to a professional, I'm sure that they can help you find the right style for your balding or thinning hair. My name is Sylvia Russell and this is how you can get a haircut for balding men.