Video transcription

Another one of my favorite moves to incorporate in, which is kind of a little bit of a sexy aesthetic, is what I like to call the String Pull. So all it is, is you're kind of bending your knees, and you're pulling an imaginary string. As you pull the string, your legs are going to be opening and closing. Open, close, open, close, as if you're kind of controlled by strings themselves, like maybe a puppet on a string. So that's one variation and you can pull it depending on the rhythm that you're putting it within, you can pull it as many times as you want. It can be the single one, it could be just open, close, it could be two, and as you stretch it, your arm comes up. So it could be, one, two, or three. Usually you usually see one, two, or three, so it could be one, two, three. So you want to make sure that as you pull that imaginary string, your legs are opening and closing at the same exact instance. One, two, three, you could do it with you right hand, one, two, three, or one, two, and you kind of start all the way down here and pull up as much as you can. One, two, three, one two, three. That is a lot of fun to incorporate in. Just another thing to keep in mind, rhythmically it happens, it's a good thing to put at the end of something, if you're maybe opening, one, two, so, one, two, one, two, just something another little playful thing. Another little kind of sexual thing, because you're getting low to the ground, opening your legs, guys do this really well too. Especially guys over there, that are very tall and thin, which is common among the Wolof ethnic group. They can move their legs in such a Gumby fashion, you wouldn't believe they're actually attached to their hips, and they do the string pull very well.