Video transcription

Hi I'm Bob Mathews with Power 1 K Body Shaping Program. I want to change the way you think about fitness and what I'm going to talk about right now is how do you lose two inches around your waist in one month and only participating in exercise ten minutes a day. You have got a tall order against you but we can pull it off. Here's how you are going to do it. You are going to have to eat extremely extremely well so you're going to look at just selecting chicken, turkey and fish and fruits and vegetables. That's all you're going to get for a month and you know you can eat almost a lot of it. I don't know if anyone is going to eat so many apples that they just turn big so it's not apples, it's not vegetables and it's definitely not chicken, fish and turkey that is making America fat. Fat is making America fat so stay away from the fats. As far as the cardio goes I'm going to suggest before you get on the cardio piece because you only have ten minutes maybe spend about 10 minutes doing some jumping jacks or pushups, some crunches, we all know those. We've been doing those since physical education class when we were little kids but when you get on the treadmill I want you to put the treadmill at 15% so you are at about that much of an angle, I want you to put it at about 3.5 on the speed. You are going to go for exactly 10 minutes so I am taking a little bit of time on the warm up and not counting it but I need 10 minutes here so you are going to probably have to invest 11 minutes so let's just say, let's just talk about the cardio, 15 degrees, 3.5, try not to have to hold on. By a month you will be able to do it without holding on. So you do the diet tricks and get your 10 minutes in your treadmill. I don't think you are going to be able to participate in a weight lifting program with only 10 minutes a day so we won't even talk about that. But get on that cardio piece. You are going to be surprised how fast that works but you want 2 inches in one month. You are going to look fabulous but it's going to take some work. Good luck.